Before I get into SEO Hosting, I want to write a little about SEO in general, and what you should be doing on your website to get and keep a high rank on any search engine index.

A lot of people think SEO is just loading your site with keywords, the more the merrier, right Well, thats not exactly true. Four or five years ago that might have been the case, but the Search Engine Indices had to find a better way to rank websites, not everyone can be number one right Keywords are still the most important portion of website optimization. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if people cant find you, they’ll never know. When it comes to keywords, those should be words that actually pertain to your business, and should read naturally, not forced. Thats not just for the ranking, but for your clients as well.

Website optimization is not just something you do and forget about until you change your product line or services. In order to keep up, you’ll have to feed the robots, called spiders that crawl through your website checking it against the algorithms setup by Google, Bing, or whichever index is ranking your site, which means you should provide new content frequently. You can think of it as fresh meat for the bots. Every-bot-e likes fresh meat. OK, that was a little corny, but you get the point right Also, avoid duplicate entries, and that dazzling, eye-catching photo that is just perfect, may be slowing down your websites performance and nobody likes to wait forever for a page to load. You can still keep that perfect picture just use a .jpg minimizer to cut down the size, you can search for a free trial to download and try it out for 30 days. I use JPEGmini, but there are others, such as Media4X or Picture Minimizer. You can cut an original pictures size down from 20mb to 4mb without losing the brilliant colors. These are just some of the SEO services you can do yourself, which will speed up your site and propel your websites ranking upward, as well.

You’ll also need external links or backlinks to get high ranks for your site. Lets say you sell shoes, finds some sites that sell socks, and ask to link to their sites. It will be mutually beneficial. Thats actually the beginning of SEO Hosting and you can find more about strategies¬†and techniques from these SEO hosting experts. Search Engine indices rank your site by its relevance to other sites.

Lets suppose you dont want to go to the trouble of contacting other online businesses to develop backlinks and you have 10 websites of your own. You can do what is called an IP package with an SEO Host top-10-web-hosting-trendsor Service. What some people believe is that if you have IP addresses in the same range, search engine analysts will assume they are owned by the same person and give those a lower ranking. So, you could pay an SEO Hosting service, which then spreads out your websites over varied IPs to make it look as if they are not owned by the same company. Some services refer to this as Cloak Hosting. Many of these SEO host services provide daily backups and other SEO services at no additional charge, but it is best to check you service contract.

Some SEO hosting companies boast that their service is the best available with the lowest price. Whether or not Cloak Hosting is necessary or not is debatable. But, like everything else involving SEO services, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the price youre paying to drive more business to your site.